lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Ceremony of the Grande Loja Nacional Portugal

Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa

Grande Secretaria Geral


Dear Brother's,It is our honour to invite you for the Ceremony of the Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa, that will take place on the 20 of April of 6008 at 10h00 a.m., in the city of Oporto - PORTUGAL.In this ceremony the new elected Grand Master of G.L.N.P. will be seated in the Salomon chair.Yours sincerely in brotherhood.Portugal, le 03 of March 6008.Álvaro Carva,

Grand Master
GLNPUma Grande Loja Maior do que se Pensa!

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Anónimo dijo...

The New and elected Grand Master Jorge Barata several months after toked charge, renunced to it, after realise that it was impossible to managed GLNP trought masonic ways. The Past Grand Master Alvaro Carva and all faitfhull BB.'. (Mafia) never let it, rule from Salomon Chair, an try to improve the Grand Lodge state.. soo D. Alvaro CArva assume the charge of Grand Master (last time was 7 years) again. Its fair to assume one position he never left, in fact, he was always encharge beyond the curtain with his gang.. they say to foreign BB.'. they are 450 Members and 22 lodges, and its not true!! in 2007 they're whore 120 BB and 7 Lodges working, and now itc worst, all BB.'. are going out! Thats not Freemasonary.. its Mafia association or Gangsters..